Who would have thought? A Christmas tree from Lowes?!


***This year we went a different route then our normal traditional artificial Christmas tree. We decided we would have real Christmas tree!!! I did some research on the best Christmas tree farm near me . Turns out the there is only a couple to pick from, not many options. Both farms were nearly 2 hours away. SOOOOOOO Lowes it was!!!! I was super icky about picking a Christmas tree up from Lowes but i’m glad we did!! It’s beautiful!*** 



Although it was dark we still managed to pick out our perfect tree. Lowes cut and bagged the tree for us, it was great, and we only paid $50.00 . Of course we needed a stand which also purchased from Lowes. Once we got our tree home we set it up on its stand and I immediately watered it and began the fun part, LIGHTS and ORNAMENTS!!



Who would have thought a Christmas tree from Lowes would be so perfect?!?! Not me!


We also decided to put up are artificial tree as well. We have two trees in our family room! Talk about Christmas spirit. :)) **** 


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