She Takes Painting to another level. <3

I guess you can say I get my crafting and creativity from my momma but definitely not my artistic painting skills. šŸ™‚ My mom is more on the artsy side and i’m more of the fun decor side. Hey, at least I got some talent. Right?Ā  Anyways I wanted to share some of her AMAZING work. Check out our Facebook we share together, mostly her art work.Ā ĀĀ 

She can paint just about anything. I admire her art and her creativity.Ā 

“Little Sumin Sumin” is name of her art workshop.


Ā 24273788_1524293107655729_4167582210737702199_o


These are some of the signs she has done. See link below to purchase on ETSY:



6 thoughts on “She Takes Painting to another level. <3

    1. Lol awesome!!! Nice to meet you as well! Thanks, my mom can paint about anything. When I first moved to Kentucky I drove a Blue car and everyone was super excited around here because they though it was for UK lol. Iā€™m not a wildcat either . Lol

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      1. Hahaha! Well, I’m a lifelong CARDS fan, and I’ve always worn my red proudly, and sometimes loudly. However, with the current issues our basketball program has gotten itself into, I’ve been laying pretty low recently. šŸ˜”

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