Unexplainable Things #6

Boys & Sports

Hey guys!

So this confuses me a bit! Lol

Okay, so you may or may not know that both of my sons are in sports. Fyshy is in baseball and Jacksson is in football. Well, with that being said, I too am in Sports! Lol Well I might as well be playing because keeping up with practices, games, and gear is constant. So about a week ago, I am loading groceries into the back of my SUV and I see a cup, I grab the cup. I had no idea what in the world it was. Shortly after I realized it was a cup, I discarded it just as fast as I possibly could. However, I am so confused to why there is a random cup in my car. Since, the cup has been haunting me. It turns up everywhere all the time in the most craziest places. LoL Next, yesterday I was giving a friend of mine a ride. I noticed a mouth piece in my car by itself. Didn’t know what that was either. Lol Moral of the story, I guess random sports gear in your car and EVERYWHERE may be unexplainable but I guess this is just part of sports and boys

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