Unexplainable Things #6

The Unexplainable #6


First, I would like to apologize for my absence. I promise I will do better, life just gets ahold of us sometimes. I need to establish a set time for my blog :). I miss a lot of you and enjoy sharing my world, views, and crazy life with you all. So I figured what better way to come back with an “UNEXPLAINABLE” …hehe.. 


I bring you another “Fysh” moment. I thought I learned a lot about boys with my first son. Boy, was I wrong! My two boys couldn’t be any more different from one another. I learn something new everyday, this is why I this category exists in the first place. I love to share these moments with you all in hopes to bring a smile to your face! Also, it’s a great way to document these moments for the undetermined future. I seem to be so forgetful lately and its scares me lol!! Anyways lets get right to it!!!!



So this phrase is above my boys bathroom toilet!! Lol However, they sometimes seem to be rule breakers! So Fysh usually doesn’t shit the bathroom door all the way when it’s just me and him at home. Occasionally, I will walk by and happen to catch him in my peripheral vision wiping the set down. Well, the other day I walk by his bathroom and I here Fysh loudly say to me, “It’s okay momma, I got this, I’m cleaning it all up”

So I open the door and go in there to find him on his tippy toes reaching up as far as he can to wipe 4ft above the toilet attempting to clean up his pee pee on the wall. I couldn’t believe me eyes!! Furthermore, I didn’t understand how that is even possible. LOL! Needless to say I helped him and together we got everything cleaned up and back to normal. I’ll will never understand this, nor will I ever receive a good explanation besides they are just boys! lol  

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      1. You’re welcome Britt, you’re too sweet! I’m OK, thanks for asking. Missed you too, glad to see you’re well!!

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