Christmas Interview with a special little Elf ~ Part 1~

I would like to introduce my crazy little elf , meet Fysh.


As I was trying to think of something Chirstmasy  for the past few days that I haven’t seen on any one else’s blog and then it came to me, an interview with my youngest  son who is four and very excited about Christmas. I thought it would be super cute, and with his imagination, definitely worth the read. My son comes up with the craziest things, I guess he get’s that from his momma ;). I hope you all enjoy this interview about Christmas as much as I enjoyed giving it!!  I am also going to be posting the same in interview with my oldest son who just turned ten!! Please feel free to comment and share. I would love to see the same interview with other little ones.

Merry Christmas! Xo



What is your name?


How old are you?


What are you?

I’m…I’m…idk… Mommas baby, and I‘m mommas heart, and I’m mommas heart.

“Ok, now give momma a silly Elf face”


What is your favorite color?

Red and blue

What is the meaning of Christmas?

It means your on the naughty list and you get on the nice list and you get presents.

When is Christmas?


Who is Santa?

Him say HO HO HO and he get on his lap and he gets some presents

“Ok, now give momma a Santa face”


How old is Santa?


Where does Santa live?

At his Elf house

How does Santa get across the world in one night?

He walk on the bridge and get on his sleigh and go to the fireplace

Who helps Santa get all the presents ready for Christmas?

The elfs do

“Ok, now give momma a sweet face”


What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

I love Christmas

Whats your favorite Christmas song?

Um, we wish you a Merry Christmas, I like that song

What is Your favorite Christmas Movie?

Hhhhhhmmm….The..The Elf

Why is that your Favorite Christmas Movie?

Cause it’s my favorite movie I ever seen and he does snow balls fast

“Now give momma a crazy face”


What do you want for Christmas?

I want a trampoline and BeyBlades

Do you think that you are on the naughty list or the nice list?

I think I’m on the naughty list and the nice list. I’m on the naught list here and the nice list at daddies because he got me AAAAA LOOTT of presents.

Why do you think you on the naughty list?

Cause I always get in the corner, cause I was trying to be nice and trying not to be naughty.










6 thoughts on “Christmas Interview with a special little Elf ~ Part 1~

    1. Yess!!!! You have to do it with her when she gets older! 🙂 Once I started , wanted to ask him so many more questions because it was so funny lol. I stuck to Christmas though . Lol


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