Gotta Love the Goodwill

Usually our Sundays consists of Netflix, pizza, and snuggles.  We changed it up a bit this Sunday and went to our nearest GoodWill store. I am glad we did because we found so many great things and had fun while shopping. 🙂


As soon as I walked in I saw these canisters. My first thought was they will match my kitchen! My kitchen is decorated in the “Pioneer Woman” theme and these flowers are almost a perfect match. This set was a total of $2.00. Awesome right? 


I found the watering can for $2.00 as well and added some pretty flowers. 


The pitcher and bowl for $1.75. I also added some pretty flowers and waalahh.


Last but not least we found this beauty and of course we had to have a little in the moment fun!! What makes me laugh the most about this picture is that I sent this picture to my mom and she replied back, “It looks like you Britt”. Lol!! I look nothing like her, but maybe I should reconsider her style because she sure has his attention. 🙂

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