Waterfall Chasing in Tennesse


Our Waterfall Adventure 

Me and my Fiance traveled from Benton KY to TN in search for some amazing waterfalls and an enjoyable hike.  The first waterfall we hiked to was the Burgess falls http://tnstateparks.com/parks/about/burgess-falls. This fall was breathtaking. The hike was fairly easy although we weren’t allowed access to the lower part of the falls due to faulty staircase. The hike was fairly short with guided hand railing.

We then had a short 30 min drive to the second fall, Cummins Falls in Cookeville TN. This was also very beautiful. http://tnstateparks.com/parks/contact/cummins-falls  Upon entering the trial, a sign with the option to either hike the fall lookout or  IMG_0065.jpghike from downstream. We chose the hike from downstream. The hike was pretty extreme, especially for the us. It consist of rocky paths and at times walking through the stream. Although the hike was tough, we did it,  at times through knee deep water. Given the extreme hike to the fall I highly recommend that if you decide to take this hike to the fall then definitely come prepared, it seemed to us that many hikers were unprepared wearing blue jeans and dresses along with dress shoes. Luckily we were ready for the hike which in return made it more enjoyable.

Camping at Davy Crockett campground in Crossville Tn

Later that day we camped in a tent at the Davy Crockett campground not far from the falls. This was also great experience for us because this was also our first camping trip together. We loved this campground. They had lots of activities for families as well. It seemed that all the employees were very welcoming and eager to please their guests. See below for link to this awesome campground. http://www.davycrockettcampground.com/





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