Unexplainable Things #4

Unexplainable Things #4

First, I would like to apologize for being behind with my posts lately. Therefore, with today being my birthday, I would like to share an “Unexplainable Thing” I encountered last night. This is includes my little monsters of course! One in-particular……..You guessed it, FYSH!!


If you haven’t already met Fysh. Here he is!!! My baby!!! Well he’s not really my baby anymore, he will be 5 in a few months……. Though, Secretly he will always be my baby!!!

Fysh is super animated and always being silly trying to make everyone laugh. Ohhh, and alsooooo he loveeeesss all the attention. My baby is just all boy!!!



When my oldest son came home from school yesterday I asked both of my boys to give their littler sister (Sissa) a bath. I got everything ready for them and they seemed to be having it under control, until I here “Ummmm Momma, I think you better come in here”. When I arrived in the bathroom I was surprised to learn that Fysh had dunked his entire head face first into the dirty pups bath water……..


This is the look I received from these three when I asked Fysh, “why did you put your entire head in the dirty bath water”.


NO EXPLANATION…. I guess its just another one of those “Unexplainable Things”


The bath water was pretty nasty!!!!


Needless to Say , Fysh took a bath right after her bath 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed Fysh’s “Unexplainable Thing” moment this week!!!!!!

Thanks for the visit!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your day. Hope this can bring you a smile. 🙂







Unexplainable Things # 3

~~Christmas and New Years Eve was a success~~

I got to spend the Holiday’s with my family and some of my bestest friends!!! Therefor, there were many events left completely unexplainable but I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything!! lol I hope you enjoy!!!!


I will start with Christmas at my parents house ~~~ Need I say more??!?! Hehe My mom apparently forgot who she was wrapping this present for.. lol Definitely not for me!! lol


Then there’s this shirt again that he had to top off with the Santa hat and my dad’s old man glasses!!!! I can’t get away from it!!  My dad sure was excited to see it, so excited he took him into his closet and picked out four more for him!! ahhhhh lol

Next unexplainable thing is the game us adult’s play!!! You put oven mitts on and a Santa hat and pass around along with a  present that you have to open in a certain amount of time and winner gets the package open first! The winner brings the trophy back every year and passes it to the new winner! This year my aunt won!!! The face she made was priceless!!!! I can’t explain the excitement she had! 


After Christmas we went to the beach!! I have no idea why him needing flip flops at the lead to this. lol I love him though!


I also can’t explain why I can’t get him to take a normal picture with me!! hehe


After Florida, we went to Alabama to see some best friends!!! The first night there we went to dinner and got seated in the bar area! I have no idea why they had this sign up and why they let us sit in that area if certain things weren’t allowed! hahaa

Maybe he’s just feeling like a rebel while on vacation! I think this is the first time I have ever seen him put him middle finger up and that face ….. First time for everything!


The Saturday before New Years Eve we went to one my best friends houses and played “Telestrations after Dark” I thought it sounded like a great idea, I’m not sure why because I can’t draw at all!!!!  It was fun though!!


Our last night in Alabama was beyond fun.. Lot’s of unexplainable things which lead to some great memories and pictures 🙂




Happy New Year everyone!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed all these fun unexplainable moments from my Holiday Trip!!! XOfullsizeoutput_b9b