Woman to Woman

Everyone Needs “A Little Sunshine” Everyday

I know there is a ton of women out there in internet land who feel unappreciated, overwhelmed, taken advantage of, mistreated, disrespected, non existent, obsolete, lonely, and a great big one, BORED! I am here to share with you, YOU are not alone. If you have any of these feelings and more, then you need “A Little Sunshine”, everyday!

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We all work hard everyday, and we are all equal in this category. I don’t care if you are a full time Mom, or if you are employed outside of home, we all empty into the, BORED bucket. I feel this way, and I know you feel this way as well. “A Little Sunshine” is here to brighten your day.

     We as ladies need to pick ourselves up everyday. Care for our families first and always. But, we need to make time for ourselves starting with, getting dressed and facing the day with “A Little Sunshine” on our face. Getting up with a smile is hard, but necessary for us to be able to get our daily routines accomplished. Make a list the day before of all the things you want to do, checking them off as you go. Try and get everything done within a reachable time frame, this way, you have time for yourself. This is the most important thing you can do, make “me” time.

     If you are feeling down at anytime, find, “A Little Sunshine”, you won’t ever be alone. us ladies are going to be here for each other, supporting each other, and most important, sharing, “A Little Sunshine”, with each other. In this Blog, “A Little Sunshine”, feel free to comment and talk about any feelings you might have. Share the good with the bad, that’s what we are her for, each other!

This flower was hand picked just for me by one of the neighbor little girls on Mothers Day 2013. I saved this photo because this was the most beautiful, meaningful flower I have ever received . This picture doesn’t give it’s true beauty any justice. 

This flower I pass along to you, I hope it brightens your day! Please pass it along to someone else, because we can all use a little sunshine everyday regardless if the suns not shinning . XO