Top 5 Reasons Why Westies are the Besties

If your considering purchasing a puppy you should consider a West Highland Terrier, he or she would be a great addition to anyones family!





1. West Highland Terriers are extremely smart- Our puppy is very smart. We have had no problem potty training her. She has had only a few accidents, but that is expected. We have crate trained her and it seems to be working great. Another thing to keep in mind is when we brought her home she didn’t bark or cry all night like most puppies. Sissa also is responding well to commands such as, sit, lay down, and stay.



2. They are great around other animals- Our puppy gets along great with all other kinds of animals. We have taken her around big dogs, little dogs, and even pigs with no issues. She gets along so well that sometimes I feel the animals are annoyed by her. :)) All she wants to do is play.



3. Westies are great with small kids and other family members-  Sissa loveeeeeesss her brothers, she plays with them everyday. I have two little boys that play rough, but it doesn’t faze her one bit, she gets right in there with them. The love Sissa has for her brothers is also so strong as well. She really is such a great addition to our family.





4. Westies are very sweet and love to be loved- Sissa loves to be snuggled. She is super sweet. To say she is a hugger is an understatement. There is also no denying that she is a “daddies girl”. Although she is little, she has a big, huge heart of gold.



5- Our Westie will speak to us- Sissa will let us know by a certain bark when she has to go potty. Sissa will also let us know when someone is at the door. With that being said she is a great alerter but also a cheerful greeter. 🙂

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Even though Westies are super cute and snuggly they do have a little Sass to them. I found this list on Google and it seems to be spot on with Sissa. 🙂 


Hope you have enjoyed a little insight on a West highland Terriers. If your thinking about getting a puppy for your family, I would defiantly go with a Westie 🙂 If you have any questions about Westies, please feel free to comment…. 





#1 Cure for the Winter Blues

I know I’m not alone when it comes to experiencing a case of the WINTER BLUES

#1 CURE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



I have been a little down lately, maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe it’s because I look outside and I see dead trees, and brown grass? Maybe it’s personal issues? I know I am not perfect and neither is my family. I have always wanted the perfect little family, but does that exist? We are far from perfect, but i’m perfectly fine with that. In fact, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being a parent is not easy. I give it my all and take it day by day. Some days are easier then others. I make mistakes, but I’m learning right along with them and it’s all just a process hoping for the best outcome. Anyways I won’t blab on, I just want you all to know you‘re not alone, and no ones perfect. I see a lot of blogs that look and seem perfect, along with their INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, relationships, and their family. I am here to tell you it’s not real. I promise everything I post is real life.

Although the sun wasn’t shining, today’s snow day has really cheered me up, and brought me some happiness. I just wanted to share a little sprinkle of that ……



This is an image rarely caught….. So rare that it was almost impossible to get them to smile and look at the camera at the same time.. hehe

Our puppy “Sissa” even enjoyed her say





**Quote above found on Pinterest!! Yay!


**Quote above found on Pinterest!! Yay!


We “tried” to take a family picture in front of our snowy home.  I still like our photo, it was the best we could do . lol


We even enjoyed some pizza…

We tried to play twister. I thought I could play with the boys… I had no idea I would do so terrible. Note~ TWISTER is not made for adults or four year old … lol.. I guess it was ok because Fysh was doing just as bad as me…



The red lip stick also helped cheer me up ;)… I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend. Take full advantage of another day alive, and healthy….. Sometimes it’s hard to find happiness in your days. Just know your not alone. There is a little bit of happiness in everything, you just have to look.  With lots of love ❤




Unexplainable Things #1

         I started this section of my blog to share with you the crazy moments my family and I experience on a daily basis that have no explanation. When I first met my fiance I told him that I have two little boys and that I am a package deal to take it or leave it. Well he took it, he just didn’t fully know what he was getting himself into coming from being single with no kiddos of his own and never having a long-term relationship before me. I can’t remember his first experience of one of those “unexplainable things” but I do remember the conversation. I think something spilt on the floor in the kitchen and with no kiddos around …. no explanation. While he was having no luck figuring out what happened, I explained to him that it is just one of those things that are completely unexplainable , he looked at me like a crazy person but took my answer because he knew he wasn’t going to get the correct answer from the boys. I also said to him, “sometimes crazy things just happen with two boys that have no explanation” , although he seemed very confused he agreed. Now, at least once a week we both look at each other with the same thought and one of us always reply, “One of those unexplainable things, I guess” . 

Here are some of those things in the past that have no explaination.

I have no idea why my son is kissing every pole in the store or why he doesn’t wake up to his older brother picking his nose.

I have no idea why these two shirts exsist nor do I know the reason for my dad owning the shirt on the left and thinking it would be a good idea to give to my fiance. I also have no clue why he decided to wear it out on a Saturday night!

I’m not sure what is happening in this video , but I think he’s trying to dance with a box on his head.

I tell my fiance to smile for a picture and this is what I get.

On another not , who wears a towel as a scarf in the middle of summer on the lake? Completely unexplainable!

I have no answer for the reasoning of my children wanting to be “old men” for Halloween either. Lol!



I have no explainantion for why the weather was 67 degrees and supposed to be 30 degrees but I love it. Kentucky weather never seems to amaze me!


These are  just some of the uneplainable things that happen in my life, follow to see much more neverending madness!