Their Mama

Being their Mama is Challenging~

The fighting back and forth, the fits, the messes, the second guessing my parenting decisions, the sleepless nights, and the unexplainable things.

Being their Mama is Loud and Obnoxious~

The repeating of my words over and over again, the sound my voice makes when an unexplainable thing occurs.  

Being their Mama is Expensive~

The food, the clothes, the toys, the adventures, the sports, the care, and the unexplainable things.


Being their Mama is Worth it and a True Gift from God~

The hugs, the kisses, the snuggles, the smiles, the laughs, the excitement, the unconditional love and bond, and the unexplainable things,

Being their Mama is Fun~

The adventures, the silliness, the random questions, the learning from each other, and the silly unexplainable things,

Being their Mama is my Greatest Accomplishment~

The politeness, the caring, the gentleness, the intelligence, the kindness, the friendship, the giving, the love they offer to this world every day, and of course, the unexplainable things.

Love you both always and forever with my entire heart!

~Their Mama

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