Unexplainable Things #5

My Dad

Happy Monday everyone!!! 

I have been trying hard lately to come up with a post. My mind has been so busy on other things going on. I started school, and it’s taken up a bit of time for me. But don’t get me wrong…..I love it!!! Anyways, before I get off track…..MY DAD …. He is completely UNEXPLAINABLE. I know you may be a little confused it you read my last post. Well what I mean is, this is my dad who raised me. Yes, he’s my step dad, but he’s my dad! With that being said, he was the first thing to come to mind for an UNEXPLAINABLE post! I have been thinking about him a lot lately because of Valentines day right around the corner. When I think of Valentines day….. I think of him! My dad is not a sensitive person, nor does he ever do ANYTHING sweet on his own. Well, that all changes on Valentines day…… My dad goes out of his way EVERY year to get me, my mom, and sister something special. I always look forward to Valentines day because of this. There is never a year that I’m without a Valentine! Thanks dad, I love you!!! 

Pleaseeeee don’t be upset with me for putting you on the “INTERNET” lol 😉

My mom tells everyone our family puts the DYS in DYSfunctional 

I like to think we just put the FUN in dysFUNctional!!!

So here goes……. Meet my Unexplainable Dad!!!!



Unexplainable Things about my dad……. Enjoy!!!

  1.  He has no idea what social media is…. I don’t even think he’s ever turned on a   computer in his life…

     2.  He refers to all social media —“The Internet”— And he hates his picture taken because he’s afraid I will put him on “The Internet” — LITTLE DOES HE KNOW 🙂 HEHE….


     3. My dad think’s he’s still in Southern California, not in Kentucky.. He wears shorts and t-shirts with flip fops every weekend, even when its 10 degrees outside…LoL


    4. The majority of pictures I take of him, he is either flipping the camera off and sticking his tongue out. 

    5.  He is a sucker for tiny dogs!!!


  6. He loves when he is right, and loves to be the center of attention… Did I mention, He is always right!!! Check out this video of his reaction when his horse won the      Kentucky Derby last year!!


     7. My dad can smell Ants!!! Who smells ANTSS?!!?! My dad!!! lol

        8. He can’t see to write, so he wears super thick glasses.. 


  9. My dad makes the best Cheers!!!!!


10. He takes his music very seriously….

 11. My dad is terrified of insects. He once threw my brother out of the house once because a lizard crawled on him.

I won’t go on.. lol

Seeeeee…. He’s Crazy and Unexplainable.. But I love you dad!! I know you won’t see this and I hope mom doesn’t show you lol. Thank you for being the best dad to me ever… I am who I am today because of you… Happy Valentines day dad! Love you!!!!!!



I hope this could bring you a little laugh for the day… As it did me!!!

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11 thoughts on “Unexplainable Things #5

    1. Haha! He really is! I spend a lot of my weekends with my parents , especially in the summer. Lol . There was so much more I wanted to post but after I got to viewing it all, I figured I couldn’t haha. He has a potty mouth 🙊😂🙈🤷🏻‍♀️

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