Dear Lost Dad,

Dear lost Dad,


               I write this letter to tell you thank you! Thank you for not being a part of my life. I want you to know that I’m not bitter about all my birthdays, and Christmases without you. I wouldn’t be the woman nor mother I am today if you had been there. I try my best at everything I do. I have learned family is the most important part of living and that’s my number one focus. I also focus on positivity and happiness. I value these traits about myself, and if you had been there, I might not have these outlooks as I do now. I have learned that life is a learning process but also, a gift.  Maybe you just never learned these things? I am sorry for you. I also want you to know I am doing well and I don’t hate you. I am grateful for you, you gave me life. Without you, I might not appreciate the importance of my family and friends. I would do anything in this world for my friends and family. I give my heart to these people I’m close to. Some would say this leaves room for heartache and maybe it does, but I would rather experience heartache than not experience love at all. Although I have endured plenty of heartache, I wouldn’t change any of it, because this is also a part of what makes me, me. You made the decision to not be a part of my life, and I have made the decision to forgive you. I believe life throws us curve balls and problems every day, some enormous, and some minute, but it’s how we overcome these issues that make us who we are. I write this letter not only in hopes it reaches you, but for everyone else who has a parent that isn’t present. When I was young, I didn’t understand and felt that it was my fault. Now I understand. It was never my fault, it was always yours, and that’s okay. I am not saying I’m perfect, in fact I’m far from perfect. I make mistakes often, but I make sure I learn from mine. For all of you in the current situation, you’re not alone. Thank you, dad, for not being my dad.




Please share if you have been in this situation or know someone in this situation. You’re not alone and it’s not your fault. A lot of things go unnoticed in today’s world with so much craziness going on around us. I didn’t write this just for him or myself, but for everyone else too. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is possible to overcome the heartache felt from an absent parent.


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23 thoughts on “Dear Lost Dad,

  1. Wow. Exactly what I wanna say too. Most part.. I don’t hate the father who’s never been my dad. I don’t even care.. I’m not bitter. I just don’t think I needed to.

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    1. I completely understand . It’s just one of those things I guess. I don’t care to much either . It’s just nice to let my feelings out , especially since they have been cooped up forever. I actually told my family to please not even look him up if something were to happen to me . We are stronger because of it ☺️😚❤️


  2. Britt you are so right, you are the best daughter a mom could ask for. He is the one who has missed out on a beautiful, smart, and terrific daughter. He is also missing out on two awesome grandsons. You gave him a second chance, he should have took that chance and made up for all his past mistakes. Instead, he even ruined that, he never even tried to be a part of your life, or his grandsons lives? Who does that? You and Nickole are the best, I would not know life with either of you.
    He, your “Dad”, will end up a lonely old man, and wondering why? He will put blame on everyone by himself. And still, he will never reach out, I know him just about as well as anyone else.
    You keep being the daughter, mom, and partner that you are, the best! I could not image life without any of my kids. I wouldn’t change a thing. Luv you!!!!

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  3. I’m sorry that was the case for you. Mine was/is similar, though he was not totally absent in my life. It’s tough, but like you said, you wouldn’t be who you are today if not for enduring it. I feel like I’m a much better parent because of the anti-lessons I learned from my situation. These boys were chosen, and are my priority, period. So in a way, it was a gift.

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    1. Exactly!!! Great minds think alike! 😉 Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand being a parent myself, I could never do that. I guess some things just aren’t meant for understanding.

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  4. This is very moving and emotional Britt. I’m sorry he is not there for you. When I was younger, my Mom was absent. I understood she wanted a new life (my folks divorced when I was 14) but I accepted her life and was never angry. You’re right, we would be different people if those missing from our life were raising us. I would not be who I am today if she was more present in my life. That’s also not an insult to my Mom, I would just be a different person. Maybe there is a reason he’s not in your life, maybe God has something in mind for you. Perhaps you wouldn’t be the person you are now if he was there. Maybe that’s what God wanted for you. You are kind, caring and thoughtful to others. Keep on shining Britt, because that’s who you are – bright, positive and full of life!!

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    1. Aww thank you so much Diana! I think your right. We wouldn’t be who we are today if things may have been different. I like to believe things happen to us for a reason as well. Thank so much for your sweet words. It really touches my heart! ❤ ❤

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      1. Your welcome Britt, even though we both live far apart from each other, we can still support one another!


  5. I can’t exactly relate but I hunk it’s great that you posted it because it’s so common and people need to know it’s not their fault and there’s nothing wrong with them.

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    1. Thank you!! Your exactly right. It has been on my mind a lot lately!! It was nice to let it out. My goal is to help reach someone who feels alone and confused. But you right! It is so common and its something I feel that ever gets noticed .

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  6. Your Mom raised you well. You are obviously a loving, giving spirit, your childhood helped define you and I think your spirit of forgiveness and generosity is a lesson to all. Thank you for this “awakening” post. It couldn’t have been all easy. I send a warm hug from Sunshiny South Africa.

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